Unused Christmas Illustration

Too early for Christmas? Here’s a naughty and unused piece I made for a client as part of a pitch for a calendar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen now which is a bummer as there would have been 25 of these illustrations all of a similar vein to the above. Below is the rough work.

Some Days

Another idea I’ve had for a while and finally got around to doing!

Interview with Ball Pit Magazine

I did an interview with the guys over at Ball Pit Magazine. Read all about it here.

Egg Bulb

An idea I’ve had and re-drew a million times. Sometimes an idea is more harder to execute than others. Bit of a yellow/black/white theme going on. Purely coincidental!

Beer Snob

Small part of a bigger piece which I never finished. Basically I’m starting again so more too come soon!


Sneak Peek

Here’s a little sneak peek at some work I’m doing for Chronically Motivated, a positive online platform for those suffering with a condition known at Lymphedema (LE). The illustrations will be part of 2018 calendar with each month depicting the different trials and tribulations of living with the condition but in a light-hearted and humours way. The client, Sarah Jouanny, has written a great script for each month and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you when it’s all done! But for know this is all you’re getting so stay tuned for more later this year!


My Current Mood: Brexit

Despite popular belief, not all of us in the UK voted to leave the EU last year. Here’s my current mood about the whole thing, an idea for a little comic/animation I’ve had for a little while.

Arts, Craft & Gift Fair for Fynn’s First Footsteps

Pleased to announce that I will be selling my wares at an arts and crafts fare on July 9th in order to raise money for Fynn’s First Footsteps. Young Fynn has Cerebral Palsy and the charity has been set up to raise £38,000 for a life changing operation which could help him to walk completely unaided!

It’s a really good cause guys and if you can make it on the 9th of July at the Alpine Ski Lodge, PL6 8LW, Plymouth then it would be greatly appreciated. I will be raffling off this framed piece with all proceeds going to the charity. Here’s the Facebook events page.

If you can’t make it, but feel like giving a few quid you can donate here on their JustGiving page.

Here’s a short film featuring Fynn’s mum, if you’re interested in finding out more!

Fynn’s First Footsteps from Brandon Dean on Vimeo.

Natural Gem is Live!

Photo by Kyle Borlase

Really pleased to see Natural Gem up and running on Facebook now. Above is a snap of the packaging I designed and here is the logo. Nice candles too!

Walking the Dog

First post in a while as I’ve been enjoying the delights of south-eastern Spain, and found little time for drawing. Too busy relaxing on the beach!

Drink Me

Small part of a bigger piece I’m doing. Made using pencil and Photoshop