Brain Dump

Latest animated piece, bringing to life an old illustration I did a few months ago!

Gone Fishing

Wrote a blog post on my shop, Petu Studio. Kind of about going fishing. Read it here.


Following on from my Citrus Fruits series comes the next instalment this time with berries.

Alternative Platitudes

Not a massive fan of this kind stuff but thought I would do some alternative type of ones. There’s quite alot of namby pampy platitudes out there, which is fine for some just sometimes advice needs to be a little more ballsy sometimes.

Feeding Me Brain

Learning a new program this week, I say new well it’s new to me anyway. So I’ve been getting to grips with Adobe XD, an app/wireframe/web/prototype designing program for anyone interested in doing experience design. It’s pretty awesome, my mind is blown by some of it’s capabilities!